Experiencing Employment Discrimination?

You’re not alone

People all around the country experience workplace discrimination. Because of this, the employment discrimination law has been created and prohibits discrimination in the workplace. This includes discriminating on the basis of race, sex, pregnancy, religion, age or disability. Here are some examples of discrimination in the workplace.


Race Discrimination

Race discrimination is when you treat someone unfavorably in the workplace based on the color of their skin. This includes any aspect of employment. Discrimination includes racial slurs, offensive remarks, and racially-offensive symbols.


Religious Discrimination

Religious discrimination is when you treat a person unfairly or differently based on their religious beliefs. This includes offensive remarks about a person’s religious practices. The law doesn’t prohibit simple teasing or offhand comments that aren’t serious. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it is illegal to harass a person because of his or her religion.


Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is when you single someone out or treat someone unjustly because of their age. This includes offensive remarks about a person’s age. The law, however, doesn’t prohibit offhand comments or simple teasing that isn’t very serious. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act does not protect workers under the age of forty.

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