Sexual Harassment at Work

what are your options?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a heinous and all-too common offense that can demean a person and stunt their ability to perform job duties and grow professionally. Even cases that appear to be “minor” or “unintentional” may still have long-term ramifications that need to be addressed immediately, before a problem worsens. If you feel that you’re being placed in a situation in which you aren’t comfortable, it is time to take action.


However, a major reason why so many cases of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace go unnoticed is ambiguity. If you are unsure about a situation when you find yourself in compromising circumstances, it is best to take a step back and find clarity so that you understand what to tell your sexual harassment attorney. The following are some questions to ask yourself.


Is this behavior appropriate?


Sexual harassment is loosely defined as sexual advances or conduct, physical or verbal that serves to alter the work environment or offend. If this seems broad, that is because sexual harassment is defined on a case-by-case basis. Harassment and discrimination come in many forms, and rarely is it easy to point to textbook examples.


At the end of the day, any behavior that makes you unsure has already proven to be compromising behavior. Remove the quantifiable “How much was I harassed?” Any amount of harassment is unacceptable.


How is this affecting my job?


Are you staying away from certain areas at work in an effort to avoid someone? Maybe you’re being blocked from achievement despite positive performance, while members of the opposite sex enjoy privilege? The core of this question is the idea of you having to make extra efforts to make up for the harassment that you are experiencing.


Should I seek an attorney?


If someone doesn’t see ramifications for their actions, they will never stop. The problem could even get worse if they are able to continue to harass coworkers with impunity. Whether it is a coworker or boss, you must take action by hiring a sexual harassment attorney.


How should I prepare for my meeting with a sexual harassment lawyer?


Find specific examples of when you were harassed. Think of dates, times and try to remind the specifics of the conduct in question. Emails or statements from people present will also be of use. If it was more than once, gather as much information as possible. A sexual harassment lawyer will walk you through the necessary steps and know what to ask to get the fuller understanding of your case.


Fight sexual harassment in the workplace by taking a stand and seeking a discrimination and sexual harassment attorney today! An attorney will advise you in the best course of action and the steps that can be taken to address this situation for the benefit of you and your career.


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