Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Wrongful Termination Lawyer

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Do you suspect you’ve been wrongfully terminated from your place of employment? Maybe you feel as though your recent firing was actually illegal? Whatever the case may be, it is important to contact a wrongful termination lawyer who  has a keen understanding of your rights as an employee. With the assistance of Guy D. Loranger, you stand to gain compensation after being unjustly terminated from their job.

Wrongful termination has become an unfortunate reality that all too many employees have been saddled with. Though it’s often difficult to determine exactly what constitutes an unjust termination, it’s imperative that you contact a legal professional to help you handle this precarious scenario. Despite the fact that all states have adopted an “at-will” policy within their set of labor standards, it is against the law if you are terminated for an illegal reason.

Understanding the employment regulations in Maine

If you take a look at the state’s official employment regulations, it’s stated that “under Maine law, an at-will employee may be terminated for any reason not specifically prohibited by law.” While this particular section permits employees to quit their jobs without giving advanced notice, it also signifies that an employer can generally fire their staff members without giving much justification. However, it is still illegal for an employer to terminate an employee because they have opposed discriminatory behavior or participated in an investigation of discrimination. It is also illegal for an employer to terminate an employee because they have complained of and illegal practice or unsafe work condition. If you feel as though you’ve fallen victim to mistreatment, and would like to explore remedies for retaliation or whistleblower retaliation, don’t hesitate to reach out an attorney at the Law Office of Guy D. Loranger today!

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When an employer has infringed upon your rights as a worker, it is best to take immediate action. Speak with Guy D. Loranger as soon as possible, and gain immediate access to comprehensive legal representation. If you ultimately select to combat wrongful termination, clients can rest assured that this law firm will keep their best interests in mind.

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